About us

Gabriel Florea

Gabriel Florea is a singer, songwriter and free lance producer from Munich, Germany, born on 28.01.1982. Inspired by the international music business he puts heart and soul into the writing of his songs. From the very earliest age his love to music grew more and more. Together with his music partner Dirk Schumacher he looks back on more than 10 years of musical success in German and international productions. In 2010 his music partner and him specialized in relaxation and new age music.

Dirk M. Schumacher

Dirk Mark Schumacher (*10.06.1975) looks back on more than 20 years of experience on the German radio industry. In his adoptive city Munich, Germany he works as a radio host, editor and songwriter. To compensate for the stressful media business he found himself an important relaxation technique in yoga. Very soon he connected his passion for music with his big interest for mental relaxation and released worldwide music projects in this field. His meditation book "Buddhas baden besser" won the Audience Award 2016 at the Frankfurt Book Fair.