Meditation music by Florea & Schumacher

Consciously in the here and now – with the new CD of Gabriel Florea and Dirk M. Schumacher. “Achtsamkeit mindfulness” – more than 60 minutes […]

Massage music by Florea & Schumacher

In colaboration with neckAttack® – the German professionals in mobile massage – now you can get the new CD by Gabriel Florea and Dirk M. […]

“Yin & Yang” by Florea & Schumacher

With “Yin & Yang” Gabriel Florea and Dirk M. Schumacher have composed deeply moving meditation music. On the basis of the contrary poles of yin […]

“Yoga” by Florea & Schumacher

This dreamlike music is the ideal craft for holistic relaxing yoga exercises. With a lot of love for detail the velvety sound opens the energy […]