Finally relaxed children

The little ones complain more and more about symptoms of stress. The “new everyday life” due to Corona and the high demands on children contribute […]

Relaxea - Summer Lounge

Vacation feeling deluxe

Summer is coming and this year people will find their own way of spending their vacation. Even if the situation is new, we stick to […]

Bilateral Balancing

Bilateral relaxation

With our music we would like to support you in finding relaxation. Especially in times like these, when Corona keeps the world busy and very […]

Relaxing hypnosis

How about hypnosis for relaxation? Let yourself be carried away by the hypnotic sounds of “Hypnotic Space”. Relax with over 60 minutes of music from […]

Experimental Drone Music

Gabriel Florea and Dirk M. Schumacher have been successfully releasing relaxation music for many years. Now there is a new project: “Experimental Drone Music” is […]

2 Hours of Pure Relaxation

On YouTube, the one-hour relaxing songs by Gabriel Florea and Dirk M. Schumacher have long been a guarantee for many clicks, now they have summarized […]