Our Music

​In 1999 we met in a recording studio of a mutual friend. From that year on our common big passion for music made us write and release many songs in different music genres. In the year 2010 we have decided to concentrate first and foremost on our project Sound of Yoga:


​Since then we're focussing especially on music for relaxation, for yoga or meditation.

​We're very glad that so many fans love our music!

​Thank you so much for the great support and the many thousands of messages and comments to our music! This is why we love making music: To bring hapiness to people and accompany them with our soothing melodies!

​Over the years there have been numerous releases on various CDs. Thanks to our partners like the German record label for relaxation music "Neptun" or "Andorfine" you can find us, among others, on the following CDs: